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Surgeons remove 232 "teeth-like structures" from mouth of teenager

An Indian boy was recovering in Mumbai on Friday after surgeons removed 232 "teeth-like structures" from his mouth.
Ashik Gavai was suffering from a condition known as 'Complex Odontoma,' which is considered relatively rare and occurs when a single gum forms lots of teeth.
For over 18 months the 17-year-old had tooth pain and swelling on the right side of his lower jaw.
When doctors in his native village in Buldhana in Western India were unable to diagnose his condition, they suggested Ashik consult with doctors in Mumbai.
Ashik's father, Suresh Gavai, said his son used to experience a burning sensation in his gums whenever he ate something using the right side of his mouth.
Doctors believe the number of teeth they extracted from one person could be a world record.
Ashik will be kept under observation for the next 8-10 days, after which his stitches will be removed.

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