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9/11 BOMBS in Tower Core When 1st Plane Hit

UPDATED AT -- ELEVATORS & JET FUEL? Multiple explosions were recorded and reported, along with smoke in the subway where no source of fuel fits the official story. This line of inquiry was avoided by NIST (an agency of the US Dept. of Commerce ... the government).

Eugene Corley (FEMA Building Performance Assessment Team, BPAT) had it right in 2002 when he said the collapse initiation was core-led. Then came NIST with 16 million US taxpayer dollars to point us all in the wrong direction.

Proof that NIST was wrong in its WTC1 collapse initiation theory is spelled out simply and authoritatively at ... To think that the official investigation into the North Tower failure FAILED is bad logic. Of course it succeeded, but not in telling the truth of actual cause and effect... Considering all the evidence, NIST LIED.

Jet fuel analysis:
also: = Not enough fuel spilled down.

Elevators: "There were 99 passenger elevators in each tower, arranged in three vertical zones to move occupants in stages to skylobbies on the 44th and 78th floors. These were arranged as express (generally larger cars that moved at higher speeds) and local elevators in an innovative system first introduced in WTC 1 and WTC 2. There were 8 express elevators from the concourse to the 44th floor and 10 express elevators from the concourse to the 78th floor as well as 24 local elevators per zone, which served groups of floors in those zones. There were seven freight elevators, only one of which served all floors." - NIST NCSTAR 1-1, p.50 ...

Here's a lie for you: "Cars 6 and 50 could have fallen all the way to the pit in the sub-basement level, and car 50 in WTC 1 was reported to have done so." -NIST NCSTAR1-7, p.160 ... Truth? Here: "The emergency brakes caught after 15 or 16 floors." - (See also : for ARTURO GRIFFITH, WTC SURVIVOR, freight car 50 elevator operator... who heard and felt multiple explosions)

This video is an extended remake of " 9/11 BOMB when 1st plane hit " ::
Many thanks to Xenomorph911WTC for his collection on sub-level explosions:

World Trade Center, 9/11/2001 - R.I.P.
10 years is enough. Tell somebody.

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