The Biggest Downsides to Owning a Doberman: Do You Agree?

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Owning a Doberman can be difficult and have some serious downsides for certain owners. These are the biggest potential drawbacks to owning a Doberman. These things include separation anxiety, exercise requirements, intelligence, breed perception, and so much more. Depending on who you are, some of these may not be drawbacks for you, but for some owners they certainly are! They can make it very hard to own a Doberman. These are the potential biggest cons, or drawbacks, to owning a Doberman so you know what to expect if you plan to get one of these unique dogs!

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As most Doberman owners know all too well, not every dog product works well for this unique breed. That's why I maintain a list of the best products I've found so far for Dobermans.

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The Intelligence of Dogs by Dr. Stanley Coren, Phd:

Canine intelligence by breed (Dr. Stanley Coren's research):

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