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ghena dimitrova In questa reggia

Ghena Dimitrova is one of the fewest, or better say the very few, dramatical sopranos of the last 35 years; or better, is one of the fewest voices that are able to face with apparent astonishing tranquility the most difficult dramatical repertoire. Her voice, in fact, as she herself underlines with pleasure, is a voice essentially lyrical, that combined with prodigious light-soprano techniques and with a volume of exceptional power, gives her the possibility to be the uncontrasted heroine of her repertoire. A repertoire, that the Bulgarian soprano has conquisted pass by pass with iron will and discipline, reaching results that only apparently seem natural to her qualities, because even her personality, together with a uncontainable vocality and an imperious scenic imponence, is sweetly mild and profound; so that the great soprano feels closer to characters as Minnie from La fanciulla del West and Elisabeth from Don Carlo, and not to the roles most remarkably dramatical, that consecrated her to the celebrity.

Ghena Dimitrova is Bulgarian, born in Beglej on 06 May 1941, but already Italian for artistic affection and adoption; she started studying singing with maestro Christo Brambarov at the Sofia Conservatory, where she graduated. The official debut of the singer was in Sofia on 27 December 1967, and was almost a fortune debut, owed to the failing of two primadonnas, arrived exhausted and not able to face the Nabucco scene. The very young Ghena accepted the role of Abigaille, with all the unconsciousness, typical for the youth, and won. The triumph obtained in the role of the cruel queen would make Abigaille to become one of the characters symbols of the singer. In 1970 Ghena Dimitrova won a grant, that would have permitted her to perfection her studies in Italy, something the soprano has always desired. She arrived at the La Scala school, where she studied with Renato Pastorino, Enza Ferrari e Renata Carosio.

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