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Illustrated - Alchemy [World Bass / Tribal Trap]

Listen / Download ➤

What would you do if you went out into a forest to find yourself, and you discovered that you are in fact, magic? ✨📖

After a one year hiatus of innovating and creating, Illustrated is prepared to debut his latest single and accompanying music video, “Alchemy,” now available on Gravitas Recordings.

Contrasting from more recent Illustrated releases, “Alchemy” represents the culmination of Sean’s fascination with esoteric teaching, philosophies, and the unknown. Throughout the song,
an eerie, evil soundscape lingers as a curious boy travels to discover the indescribable. Music is Illustrated's outlet for expression, and this inventive single affirms his status of a creator that
cannot be characterized or limited by genres.

Fans of CloZee, Desert Dwellers, Axel Thesleff, and Beats Antique will find themselves enthralled during this discovery of the abnormal. This World Bass track is Illustrated's take on the tribal trap sound.

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