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Spectrum Analysis - Voxengo Span’s Groups

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In a previous tutorial I did an overview of spectrum analysis using the free plugin from Voxengo called Span [ ]

In this video I will show you an awesome feature of this plugin, multichannel analysis, t he ability to analyse and compared 2 tracks simultaneously. When we are building a mix masking is a mayor issue, different sounds and tracks fighting for the same frequency range in the mix. This technique will allow to better understand the interactions in your mix and help find a place for all your sounds to cut through with the result that you produce better sounding mixes.

Lesson key points:
0:12 - Introduction
1:02 - Demonstration of Multichannel Analysis
1:30 - Track Setup and routing
3:57 - Configuring the analyser
6:31 - Previewing the results

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