WATCH:Mankading otherwise,non-striker always at risk when Ashwin bowls! KXIP skipper dismisses Nabi

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#Mankading#otherwise#non-striker #always #at #risk #when#Ashwin #bowls#KXIP #skipper#dismisses#Nabi Warner was the batsman on strike when Ashwin delivered a short ball in the second delivery of the 14th over. The Australian smashed the ball straight down the ground in a bid to take a single and Nabi was all set for it. But Ashwin reached out his arms just in time to stop his Warner's efforts and in a flash parried the ball on to the stumps to dismiss Nabi for a score of just 12 runs off seven deliveries. The Afghan all-rounder walked back to the pavilion shaking his head in sheer disappointment. Earlier in the evening, Warner was twice seen cautious at the non-striker's against Ashwin in his overs. Once he was seen reaching put his bat and keeping it inside the crease, while in another instance, the Aussie was seen well behind the crease. 

Meanwhile, Warner scored an uncharacteristic half-century - his slowest in IPL ever - while staying at the crease throughout. He bagged an unbeaten 70 off 62 deliveries as SRH amassed 150/4 at the end of 20 overs. The visitors lost Jonny Bairstow in the second over for a score of just one run. Warner managed 20-odd partnerships in subsequent wickets, but all failed to impact SRH's total which stood at 104 at the end of 16 overs. It was towards the end of the innings that SRH ramped up a few boundaries - 6 fours and a six - to reach the total.

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