Batiste Band - Starlite [Dynasty] 1978 Rare Modern Soul Funk 45

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Batiste Band - Starlite
Dynasty Records # 181949, released in 1978.
Heavy 70's modern soul funk / boogie disco funk rarity from Metairie, Louisiana. Batiste Band is also known as Batiste Brothers. As i found out this 45 was the debut single on the Batiste Bros private label Dynasty Records. They are still active and performing around NOLA area. Check out their website:

Vinyl rip from my 45's records collection. I've get this record from one of the dealers in New Orleans area, and I guess it survived the Catrina disaster. All the grooves was in the rusty dust and it sounded awfull with a hell of a hiss noise, but after a good cleaning, the record begin to sound pretty well and find it's way to my modern soul funk playbox! Great choone!

Song lyrics excerpt:
Saw you dancing on the floor
You looks so good - stole the show
Shining in the night starlight!
Lazer sharper bright starlite!
The universal light star light!
Makes everything all right starlite!

Hear the instrumental flip side:

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