The Valdons - I Who Have Nothing [Twin City Movement] Sweet Deep Soul 45

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The Valdons - I Who Have Nothing
Secret Stash / Twin City Movement # SSR-7-25, released in 2012.
Amazing killer soul tune! Previously unreleased sweet deep soul cover version of Ben E. King classic song (or if you dig even deeper - originally it was italian song that was released by Joe Sentieri in 1961). This cover was recordered by The Valdons back in early 1970's (probably in 1971), but never seen the light back in the good old soul days. It was shelved in archives for almost 40 years. First time it surfaced the vinyl grooves only in 2012, when it was released as a bonus 45 with very limired edition version of Twin Cities Funk & Soul compilation by Secret Stash records label crew. Only 500 was pressed and sold out immediately. Now this 45 is already high prized among the soul/funk djs and collectors crowd.
Vinyl rip from my personal record collection.

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Song lyrics excerpt:
I, I who have nothing
Ohh I, I who have no one
Adore you, and want you so
I'm just a nobody and,
With nothing to give you but Oh
I Love You...

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