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WATCH ACTIVE 2 (Problems and Best Features after 1 Month of Daily Use)

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The Watch Active 2 has some impressive specs, but what is it actually like to use on a daily basis?
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Some added review notes:
I forgot to mention the running pace coaching... This feature can be nice, but I personally never use it. I find it annoying to have a robotic voice in my earbuds while I am running, constantly trying to adjust my running speed. It is very hard to run exactly the pace it wants, and so it keeps telling me to slow down.
1. Watch view while running
2. Limited apps available - Samsung ones are best
3. Voice texting is great, and the option to send voice messages is nice too
4. Speaker is loud and clear, and the microphone works very well too
5. Bixby is effective, but can be slow and misinterprets contacts a lot
Much more useful than anticipated (for timers in particular)
Test out other Bixby skills
6. How well does it work on an iPhone?
7. Updates - touch bezel is on by default, and GPS is very accurate now!
9. Can you get maps?
10. Battery life and charge time
11. Exercise rep tracking works better for some exercises than others (squats work very well surprisingly, but torso twists do not)
12. Comfort - I can wear this for about three days straight before I take it off to let my wrist breathe and become normal again. Very comfortable
13. Touch bezel practicality
14. Screen brightness in all settings
15. Accidental touches are real. You need to remember to go to water mode when you shower, or else take it off
16. Spotify is not great :(
17. Samsung wireless charging pad


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