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2016 Top 20 US Community Colleges

2016 US Top 20 Community Colleges

The ranking of Top 20 US Community Colleges for 2016 is from the NJMED’s two-year colleges Higher Education Index database.

Similarly, to NJMED’s 4-Year College Ranking system, the community college rankings are based on six criteria: graduation rates; student retention rates; Full-time faculty; the school’s in-state tuition and fees; the percentage of full-time first-time undergraduates receiving financial aid; and the average amount of grant aid they received from federal, state and private sources combined.

The methodology used to rank the colleges, were calculated based on each criteria’s score from 1 to 20; 20 representing the highest score. Each community college’s overall score was then divided by 5 to give each college a quality means average.

The Results: The 20 Community Colleges with the highest averages out of the 200 two-year Higher Education Index database, were selected for this year’s rankings.

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