5 Day Series | Ukulele Fingerpicking Patterns | Day 1 | Tutorial + Play Along

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In this series, we'll explore the foundational principles of fingerpicking as well as several patterns that you can apply to chord progressions and ukulele songs. Get tuned up, and join me for FIVE DAYS of fingerstyle tutorials and play alongs :)

☼ F R E E P D F F O R D A Y 1 --- http://bit.ly/2vxvnID

♡ S H O W L O V E F O R F R E E L E S S O N S -- http://bit.ly/2oti5fU

✩ K I C K S T A R T S E R I E S --- http://bit.ly/2JKksTB

✺ T A K E A C O U R S E w/ K E V I N -- http://bit.ly/2ODByqJ

✮ C O M M U N I T Y @AllForUke on Insta + Twitter

♡ A 4 U M E R C H -- http://bit.ly/2PaTTae

☇ M Y U K U L E L E S O N G S -- http://bit.ly/2Pbz0eN

☀︎ G R O U P E V E N T S -- http://bit.ly/2OCcMHr

❤️ C O M M U N I T Y M E M B E R S --- Some of you have reached out to me asking about best way to support these videos ...and I'd say
1. grab some uke merch and spread the word about the channel with fellow ukulele players.
2. try my "learning through songs" course (link below)
3. send me a 👍 in the comments below to let me know you're sticking with me and committing to stepping up your strumming.

~ Kevin

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