Caramella Girls - Candy Girl (Official)

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Caramella Girls performing the song Candy Girl. Mindy just love this song by Aqua and made her own version of it. Thanks Aqua for permission to change the lyrics. Candy Girl (Barbie Girl) lyric is changed and used with permission from Lene, Rene, Johnny, Claus, Soren and Karsten (Aqua) and involved publishers. Song published by Universal Music Publishing and Warner Chappell Music.
Copyright ℗ & © 2016 Remixed Records - Sweden.
All Rights Reserved.

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Special thanks to Kyle Lyons for the video Editing and Ana Villanueva for all Motion Graphics.
Character Modeler: Muhammad Irfan Sarwono, Michael Joshua, Fajar Yudistira Ramdani (Unreal Engine).
Animator: Okki Tanaya, Aileen Adelia.
Choreography: Inge Tambaritji, Urbanstage Dance Colony.

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