Redhooknoodles - Death Blossom ft. Deion Reverie

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Part 3 titled “Death Blossom” shows what happened after redhooknoodles escape attempt. This instrumental was made by Deion Reverie and myself. The feel of this beat is very dark. Deion also added some of his vocals to set the mood. “Death Blossom” will be 1 of 20 track featured on the mixtape “This Is What You Wanted”. Hope you guys enjoy! Leave a like, comment, share, sub, and turn on notifications! Youtube is trying to kill me off, only you can help prevent that!

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Hard Dark Life “Death Blossom” Hip-Hop Beat {Rap} Instrumental | 2019 | (Prod. Redhooknoodles x Deion Reverie)

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