[FMV] BTS Answer: Love Myself Animated Music Video

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Hello everyone! Thank you for watching this video:)
This is my first animation clip in my life!
For the people who don't know the song/ the band, the song is called 'Answer: Love Myself' by South Korean boy band, BTS.
They are currently participating in and promoting their Love Myself campaign with UNICEF. This video sends the message of the campaign. You can always watch a video and learn about the campaign from this website if you are interested!: https://www.love-myself.org/eng/home/
I wanted to share the message of this song with a wider audience who speak various languages so I chose to create an ANIMATED music video!
Since it was my first time drawing on a computer, my drawing is quite messy at the beginning. However, I tried to improve a lot as the animation was developed.
The short story of this video is about a girl who couldn't love herself (the one with grey hair). She always said harsh words to herself and hid behind the mask and smiled to other people. But after when she met TATA (a heart-shaped character), she could start to love herself. I drew TATA as a symbol of BTS because they taught countless people how to love themselves through the great messages in their songs.
Although, when she returned to her inner mind, she found that she lost herself, like RM (the leader of BTS) spoke at his speech at the UN. The daffodil in the video has a meaning of 'self-love'.
So from that time, the girl started a long long journey to find missing herself. She encountered many difficulties but every time she did, TATA showed her how much she has done so far, to encourage her.
Finally, the girl overcame all of those problems and found herself in the mirror. And when the girl stepped forward to herself, she found her own colors back, as RM mentioned at the speech that he was empty before he could love himself. At the last, she hugged herself, embracing all of her different selves as herself.
I hope many people understood this message:)
If you want to share this big message with your friends and families, please like & share this video to them!
If you have any questions, please leave a comment!
UN speech of RM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTe4f-bBEKg
All rights administered by BigHit Entertainment.

I do not own the music. All rights reserved to the original owner.
Happy Birthday, Jungkook!/ 정국오빠 생일축하해요! (9월 1일)

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