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GoPro HERO 6 vs HERO 5!! (4K)

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GoPro HERO 6 ➜
GoPro HERO 5 ➜

GoPro HERO 6 vs YI 4K+: (coming soon)
GoPro HERO 6: Unboxing + First Impressions + Sample Footage:

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Today we pit the new GoPro HERO 6 vs its predecessor, HERO 5 Black!
The big updates are frame-rates are (nearly all) doubled, which is kind of amazing! We can now shoot 4K 60 FPS, 2.7K 120 FPS, and 1080p 240 FPS!! All three of those are super impressive and allow you to turn up your filmmaking skills.

Two other major improvements/new features that are my personal favorites, we can turn on Superview while shooting 4K 30fps, this is ultra ultra wide (mostly squeezes more vertical into frame, top and bottom, thus won't look 'wider' in some of my comparison shots, but when viewed in full screen it's very dynamic). And lastly, we can turn on EIS (electronic image stabilization) while shooting 4K30, and GoPro has greatly improved this stabilization. It's now balancing 6-axis, and in certain shots they look buttery smooth!

As for pricing, I don't like they raised it $100 more over the HERO 5 Black, but for some people, it'll be worth the extra IF you'll really notice and use these new features. For me personally, I'll be keeping this new GoPro 6 (bought with my own money), and selling my old HERO 5.

Thank you guys so much for watching!

Stay tuned for more GOPRO 6 videos coming soon!

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