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Crazy Love by Poco music video by Anubis2358.

Holy cow! 266,500 views! Thanks y'all for the glory!

So, here is some shameless self promotion on my most viewed video!

So, I tend not to mention this to often, but I read/ write Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs (Middle Dynastic mostly but I'm not afraid of later or earlier periods) because I love ancient Egypt. Yea, no one guessed that from the name. That being said I am rusty as hell and looking for some practice and a challenge. If you don't want to read the rest of this, skip to the bottom.

Otherwise, here it is. Have you ever wondered what something said in an Ancient Egyptian inscription? Ever been curious as to what that random writing said or whether your favorite show used legitimate hieroglyphs or just cut corners? Have you ever wanted something written in hieroglyphs; be it a name, a favorite saying, or the like? Well you are suddenly in luck because I am now translating, writing, transliterating, and hell I will even debunk if you want. Using the 26 one consonant symbols, 80+ two consonants, and innumerable other symbols I will, to the best of my abilities and to the furthest of the language constraints do any work you want done with hieroglyphs. At this point you are probably thinking, "So, what's the catch"? Here is the catch, it's free. That's right; I am going this out of the goodness of my heart. Why you ask? Well, firstly I am sick of the worthless charlatan mistranslations that float around everywhere. Seriously, when people come to me with a "cartouche" of their name and they have letters that the Egyptians didn't even have a translation of like, I don't know, C or L or Z of all things this makes me angry. Then I will be surfing and a person will have "ANUBIS!!!!!111" with a "cartouche" next to it that's an eagle, squiggly, bird, leg, and crook I want to beat my head on a desk. They didn't even call the ferryman "Anubis", that was the Anglicization of the Latin of the Greek of the actual name which was Inpu/ Anpu depending on how you want to say it. Look, the point is people are making a mockery of the most beautiful writing style in history and I want to fix this! Also, I need the practice, both reading and writing because writing helps reading. This is my passion, this is what I love. Egypt is my joy, and I want to spread it.

I am translating to and from Hieroglyphs for free. Contact me if you want something done, I will tell you if it is something I can/ will do. Let's make this world a more intellectual and tolerable place by shining the light on what was once known and what should be known again. Thank you for your time.

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