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Are you feeling demotivated? Do you need a little push? We all need it sometimes. OK. Let me tell you a little story. It may help.

A few months back, I got a chance to join this gym where there was a bunch of equipment for body weight exercises. But there was one that had my special attention. It was a horizontal ladder like thing. I saw somebody jumping on it. It was very cool but at the same time it seemed to be tough. I thought of giving it a TRY. WHEN I FIRST TRIED, I FAILED. When I tried the second time, I failed again and again and again... TRY after TRY; I realized that it was actually not tough physically. It was more of a mental challenge. Every time when I was trying to jump, my mind used to tell me that I would fall. This was the reason that even after trying for so many times I was not able to do it. BUT I DID NOT GIVE UP. Instead, I PRACTICED. Slowly I was able to make my mind change its opinion. Guess what, I was now able to do it. I practiced more UNTIL I WAS GOOD AT IT. More practice… GOOD GOT BETTER. More practice…. BETTER GOT EVEN BETTER. It was an unbelievable experience. I was doing it better than anybody else in my gym could do. So much so that whenever I used to do it, I was watched by my gym mates. People in the gym started asking me that how was I able to jump off the ladder so easily. Haha… SO EASY! Was it???
So, if you want to achieve something; all you need to do is get up and TRY. As now I believe that “THE GREATEST FAILURE IN LIFE IS THE FAILURE TO TRY”.
Thanks for Reading. I hope it helped.
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Music Credits: Dominik Holst. Epic StreetWorkout Motivation. ThimLife- You came to do this. I have been a fan of this music for so long!! :)

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