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Listen to Dancing In The Dark anywhere!

I'm very glad to finally be able to upload this project!
I'm currently moving into my new apartment with Allison, but i will be back to work in my own new music studio very soon! I hope "Dancing In The Dark" will bring some poritive vibes to someone out there while i'm away. I should not be gone for more than a week. You won't even notice that i'm gone! :)

Thank you so much for dancing by! I hope you have a wonderful day/night :D

Free song download


Background picture (I do NOT own this picture)

My Twitter, SoundCloud, Facebook and Website! ^_^

Feel free to use my music in your videos / Intros / Streams etc...
A Link to my YouTube or my SoundCloud in your description would be very much appreciated ^_^
The drawing of "Vexy", my little mascot, was drawn by DeadAppleToast!

DeadAppletoast on Instagram

DeadAppleToast on Tumblr

DeadAppleToast on Deviantart

My music is available on Spotify, iTunes and other digital stores all
thanks to RouteNote.
You can distribute your own music and join their YouTube
Network, if you're interested!
Thank you very much for Listening!
Take care! (◠.◠)

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