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Calmly hear the shells revolving
Appalling so much my fault I’m sorry
It’s falling, I think the sky is falling, God’s Calling
His faith went down the sink, living unlawfully, it’s haunting
Praying God do something now this taunting
Could cause me to slap a fake troll cause they’re talking ballsy
And halting that punk from speaking claims in feeds insulting
As always they run quick for their homies, quit ya talking!
Wanna diss him? Body victims, Lord forgive us, Chuck that’s mean
Not a Christian? Unrepentant, so admit it, Stop those sins
So consistent, know the instant, post they click it, who is he??
Wonder if it’s gone get explicit
Don’t know just listen where this might lead
Just stay a minute, I ain’t a gimmick
Just playing with it, maybe Nate’ll see
The way I mimicked the way he spit this
So maybe this one can finally
Relate a little to your brain and chisel
My name until ya notice that we
Should make a single and call it “Sinner”
But Saveable!! You Following??
I’m new music in a tape deck
I’m like trading in your bar for a used keg
I’m like grabbing ya boss ringing his neck
Cause you got days off and a blank check
I’m like using left hands with a polo net
I’m like washing your kicks on your first step
I’m like saying Bill Gates saying COVID is a huge hoax…
(where am i going with this)
Unbelievable yes yes it's achievable
Seems I felt its barely feasible
Cause that mind I have’s dysfunctional
I laugh at you when it’s not a joke
Won’t pretend to make the sleazy dough
Cats just want that paper sign they soul
My shrink’s job seemed unreachable
But I’m not dead see it wasn’t nope, no hundreds tho
Big obstacles that I fight just because I’m broke
My gears spin fast as rockets go
Punchlines I rhyme are off the globe!
Yea… be honest though
Wordplays I’ll use, who’s topping those?
Meet perfection, yo how’s it going??
Growing each song, about to blow!!
Keep a glock like police
I don’t play around, you don’t know me
Used to run the block selling oz’s
I don’t know why God Chose me?
I’m a sinner looking up like Show me
Thank my God, I ain’t the old me
Otherwise these clowns that “troll me”
Would all get a bat to both knees, bat to both knees!!
Woo! Boots to my fitted
Yall couldn’t out me if y’all was the exit
Ripping this beat, slaughter the track and I’m out
Flow shoulda been bought a kingdom
Keep it official, fought for this place
From out of the grave, I had to go get it
I been on the rise, i’m doing alright
I made a few bucks, my raps getting bigger!
The love that i get just continues to climb
Haters are dissing me, good then I’m hot
Jump out in crowds like he’s a rock
Band out on tour, ya better not drop me!!
Saint Mesus might be dreaming but ahh!
If ya don’t even shoot, then you miss every shot
I think the odds of Nate know this drops
Ok, I admit it, that’s over the top. Not!
Fear in my head like look never try to step ya foot
Or you’ll drowned real quick for looking away
You know you can’t swim (clap clap)
Now y’all shook, best not be the clown to push
Me to my beast side, I’m growing dog, but I’m still human
One day I’ma hit Nate units
I don’t know about that, but I did do the best I could


Hollywood Hollywood, I got a song called Hollywood
And told y’all I’d never go Hollywood
Ya ain’t heard it yet then you probably should
Hollywood Hollywood, I got a song called Hollywood
And told y’all I’d never go Hollywood
You don’t know about Mesus well you probably should!!

Ok I’m done, verse one was fun
But this one is mine, switch up the rhyme
Go double time, or maybe I’ll triple it
Don’t make no difference, considered a crime
Whenever that I’m, in the vicinity
Of a beat, really don’t know what gets into me
Some kind of energy, entity, feel like divinity
Sonning you rappers like I’m part of the Trinity
Label me hazardous
Say my name’s blasphemous
Can’t scare me with death
You would think my name’s Lazerous
Fact is I mastered this
In my backpack it’s
A million or more if I cash is my masters
So don’t be calling me average
Unless you wanting a savage, killing the masses
N lil rappers literally crapping their pants
Every rap that my hand pens
Lands the track in a casket
And you can call this what you want
Long as you call it a classic! And that’s it!!
I'm ending this song how I started this song, calm n relaxed
I left you message dog, call ya boy back
Cause I’ve been rocking with your music homie
Going all the way back to “All that I Have” dog that’s a fact
Just like the fact I just slaughtered this track...yeeah!!

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