Moar & Pharoah - Gimme Some [Funky Saturday] 2014 Modern Soul Funk 45

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Moar & Pharoah - Gimme Some
Funky Saturday # FS 002 [DJ Only - Promo Copy]. Released in 2014.
Killer modern soul funk 45 gem from french funky dj's Moar & Pharoah. This double a-sided modern funk 45 was released to celebrate their long lasted monthly party "Funky Saturday". It's obviously an edit on some kind of obscure 80's boogie choones, and i'm pretty sure that i've heard the original before, but now i could'n remember it. If you can help, please write what is the original in the comments. Vinyl rip from musicdawn collection.

Hear funky flip-side "Moar & Pharoah - Get Down":

You can visit Funky Saturday party in Nantes (France). It is held monthly since 1998, on last saturday of every month. Official website (where you can support guys and order this 45 or their other goodies):

Pharoah Funky Saturday Facebook:

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Please check out my blog/45s record store:

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