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World We've Lost EP released on January 20, 2017.

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With enough time we'll fall
And mankind's greatest role
Will he to claim the world we've once lost before
To chase our faded dreams
We'll take our final step into the world we've lost

It has been said, written down and read
That this whole world will come to an end
Beyond the storm, the world we're after
Is waiting for us in its doom

No hope behind us, there's no evasion
If we receive our home, we must claim it

Face the end of what was
The birth of a new existence
A trail of shattered pieces
Will guide our journey
Into the world we've lost

As we look down the path between our future and our past
We realize there's no turning back
And as time leads us astray, into an obscure decay
We alone bear the burden of a new day

There's life beyond this, we have a mirai
Let us embrace the call, fo dawn await us

When eternity ends
We'll crawl up from the depths
Reclaim our rightful cause
Into the world we've lost

The end was always destined
But not our conclusion
Like the flames of a fallen phoenix
Ignited we'll rise once more
Out of the world we've lost

#symphonicmetal #cinematicmetal #femalefrontedmetal

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