09 Lack of Afro - P.A.R.T.Y. (feat. Wax & Herbal T) [Freestyle Records]

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Album: This Time [ALBUM]
Track: 9 of 11
Title: P.A.R.T.Y.
Artist: Lack of Afro (feat. Wax & Herbal T)
Label: Freestyle Records
Cat#: FSRCD089R
Formats: Digital
Digital Release: 26th September 2011

About This Release:

Lack Of Afro (Adam Gibbons) has achieved a startling amount in the few years since his first Freestyle releases. Playing live and DJ-ing across the world, producing and remixing everyone from Tom Jones, The Pharcyde, The New Mastersounds through to Kraak & Smaak!
In 2011, as well as collaborating on an album project with Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds, having also produced and played on the album, Colours by Freestyle label mate Frootful, Adam somehow found time to create what is, without doubt his strongest album yet: This Time.
A wide ranging and eclectic, progressive musical outlook has always been the Lack Of Afro approach, and on this collection the music pulls together several strands into a fantastic, homogenous journey with almost too many highlights to mention! Several top notch vocalists feature, Jake Morleys Holding My Breath with its moody minor key feel riding over an aggressive rhythm track is one tune that is bound to find favour on dance floors worldwide.
A Time For with Wayne Giddens' smoky, falsetto voice is already gaining a reputation as Lack Of Afro's most genuinely soulful composition ever, evoking as it does a mid 70's sound that Al Green, Curtis Mayfield or Marvin Gaye would have been rightly proud of. Already available as a 7 inch single/download (FSR7069) the amazing feedback to this beautiful song ensures it will certainly become renowned as timeless classic.
On The Importance Of Elsewhere Angeline displays fully deserved soul credentials and her contributions mark her out as a rising star in 2011. With flavours of afrobeat on Contusions, the laid back far eastern tonality of Little Fugue, Def Jam Records star Wax rocking all over P.A.R.T.Y. alongside Herbal T, and a smattering of well rounded and grooving instrumentals like Lazy Lazurus, This Time is the Lack Of Afro album we have all been waiting for. Considered, soulful, contemporary yet retro, accomplished certainly and setting standards in modern music others will struggle to follow.

Reviews for This Release:

"YESSS!!! Tis a beautiful thing indeed!" - Ginger Tony (Soul Survivor)

"What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is some multifaceted soul music!" - Pierre-Jean Lavigne (CISM89.3 fm)

"Potential album of the year as far as I am concerned. The ideal mix of fresh ideas, new songs, and reverential production values that draw from the great eras of soul music. Classic sixties and seventies vibes rub up against each other to devastating effect." - Lofty (Amber Sound FM)

"Adam did it again! Delicious soul for delicious hipsters!" - FRANCESCO ADINOLFI (Radio 2 Rai)

"In an age of singles and downloads, this is a true Long Player. Listen from start to finish and you won't be disappointed!" - dj strangefellow (Eastside Radio)

"Bang on the money, as always!" - Matt Grant (The Right Side Of Funky)

"Adam Gibbons best work to date. Seriously good on many levels. 'Selected'." - Brian Hurst (SoulandJazz.com)

"This is something! But from Lack of Afro what should we expect? Awsome work!" - Joao Gaspar (Magia Negra Radio Show)

"Digging the early listen through, especially the soul and recurring '60s mod-cinema vibes throughout." - Paris Pompor (Groovescooter)

"I have been waiting for this release, and it certainly has not disappointed, Absolutely delicious listening!" - Aja (Ketch A Vibe)

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