The Corps - New York City [Redd Head] 1970 Obscure Funk Rock 45

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"I'm going to New York city, and no no one knows me there,
And though i'm not too pretty, and no no one there will care.
I've got to find somebody, someone who will care,
I've gotta find somebody, hoping they'll be waiting there..."

The Corps - New York City
Redd Hedd Records # RH-004.
Obscure funk rock 45 with nasty garage breakbeat over repetitive chorus line "New York city, New York, New York, what will the future hold for me?" sounds wild! I don't know anything about these band or this record label, exept that label says it was produced by Midnight Sound. Both sides of this rare 45 have good songs, check the quality steady psych b-side "Window Room" also on my channel. Vinyl rip from musicdawn 45's records collection.

Hear psychedelic rock b-side "The Corps - Window Room":

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