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Famous People Have Insecurities Too

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When you hear about these 10 celebrities’ weird insecurities, you’ll feel much better about your own. Everyone has hang-ups about their bodies, and famous people are no exception. Perhaps the main difference is that celebs’ insecurities can be way weirder than ours. It’s no wonder famous people are so sensitive about their body insecurities, given that they live in the spotlight and are constantly photographed. Every little defect or difference can become a massive deal. And once we’ve revealed our top 10, you’ll never look at a picture of these celebs in the same way.

Some celebrities are self-conscious about parts of their anatomy being the “wrong” shape or size. Megan Fox’s thumbs are pretty unusual, and the actress has spoken about how “weird” she finds them. She even has a crazy, jokey theory about the reason for her misshapen digits. Kate Moss’ insecurity about her legs proves that even supermodels aren’t totally satisfied with their looks. Her legs even dictate what kind of clothes Kate chooses. Then there are celebs that find certain parts of their body too large. Paris Hilton’s big hang-up is her size 11 feet, while Zac Efron’s is his “big” head. And neither Kristen Stewart nor Beyoncé are comfortable with their ears.

It’s always fascinating to hear celebrities describe themselves, and some of the most beautiful women on the planet still aren’t entirely happy with how they look. And some have weird ways of describing themselves. Angelina Jolie has compared herself to a “muppet” while Sofia Vergara has likened herself to a “drag queen”. Pretty extreme comparisons from both of these women. Jennifer Aniston has also used an interesting phrase to describe her physique, and that’s “bubble butt”.

While most of the people on our list haven’t resorted to any kind of surgery to change their body insecurities, Kim Kardashian has freely admitted that she took action against hers. And it’s one of the most bizarre insecurities on the entire list of 10. You can forget all the normal areas of the body where women might feel uncomfortable, like the butt, thighs, stomach and face. Oh no, they’re not quite weird enough. For Kimmy K, it’s all about her hairline. Yes, really. But it wasn’t anything a little laser treatment couldn’t fix, in her eyes.

Watch our video to find out the details of these 10 celebrities’ weird insecurities. And then try not to stare at that part of their bodies the next time you see a photo or video of them!

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