Morning Tea - The Free World

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"The Free World" - Morning Tea

from 'Nobody Gets A Reprieve' (2014, Sherpa Records)

▲ Music Credits ▲
Music and lyrics: Morning Tea
Executive production: Sherpa Records || Morning Tea
Recorded by Simone Sproccati (HM Studio - Milan)
Mixed by Matteo Cantaluppi (Tempel Studio - Berlin)
Mastered by Giovanni Nebbia (Ithil Studio - Imperia)


What is wrong with you?
Missing something new?
Fix your pain with glue
veil your ills
you've got a suit to wear
and there's a man to fear
you've got a pillow
and eyes to cry
and on the screen, tonight
you saw the misery
you're on the screen, tonight
This is the free world!
Hit the ground
feel your pain
this is the free world
slice your life in two
hide a part of you
take a pillow
and eyes to cry

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