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Reality shifting guided meditation | The void state

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Disclaimer: Use this meditation responsibly.
Do not listen to this mediation while driving, or operating machinery.

Hello everyone,

A lot of people requested a meditation to reach the void state, so I tried to do my best to come up with something that would allow you to reach this state.

Methods were confusing and never the same, so I just rolled with my own flow, I really hope this is okay for you.

The void state can be reached via meditation, guided or not, specific or not. I believe it is a state of high consciousness and high awareness, most often associated to a "void" where nothing really exists anymore and where we can really focus on manifestation and/or more advanced meditation techniques. People reaching the void state often mention a feeling of detachment, floating, numbness, inability to feel their surroundings anymore, pure state of consciousness.

From this state, one can carry on with their preferred method of choice: I chose to only focus on consciousness affirmations.

I hope you enjoy this meditation!

PS: I'm sorry about the audio quality, my mic is getting old af, picks up all mouth sounds (if you like asmr, then here you go buddy). I'm trying to save up and change this asap. I also do apologise for my sleepier than usual voice.

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