Bogue Profumo NOUN Review | Luckyscent 15th Anniversary Release + 10 Samples USA Giveaway - vTomb

Bogue Profumo NOUN Review | Luckyscent 15th Anniversary Release + 10 Samples USA Giveaway

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Bogue Profumo NOUN Review | Lucky Scent 15th Anniversary Fragrance
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Bogue Profumo NOUN Review | Luckyscent 15th Anniversary Release

This is my Bogue Profumo NOUN Review, Noun by Bogue Profumo fragrance review. A Luckyscent 15th Anniversary fragrance release. Bogue Profumo NOUN is truly a one of kind fragrance, a green, spicy, aromatic, woody, animalic fragrance. And for an anniversary it totally makes sense to create a one of a kind scent for the public to consume. To me, NOUN is all about the herbs and spices mostly with the woody notes as it dries down. The floral notes do pop up but they are not dominant. This is a very limited release and currently, there are only a few remaining bottles of NOUN and if you've been contemplating picking up a bottle you might pick up your bottle right away as there might not any remaining when you think again as they are pretty much sold out of Bogue Profumo NOUN. Watch my review to find out all about NOUN by BOGUE PROFUMO created by Antonio Gardoni for Luckyscent's 15th Year Anniversary.

Bogue Profumo
Price/Size: 50ml, $210
Perfumer: Antonio Gardoni
Concentration: Extrait De Parfum
Created for Luckyscents 15th Year Anniversary (limited quantities left - pick up your bottle ASAP here: before they run out)

Notes: Bergamot, yuzu, mandarin, petitgrain, buchu, black pepper, mint, basil, mustard seed, cassis, rosemary, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose, lavender, geranium, rosewood, labdanum, olibanum, sandalwood, benzoin, patchouli, vanilla, tonka, siam wood, vetiver, cedar

As always please watch, rate, comment and share this video and please subscribe to this channel if you haven't yet. And please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon! Bogue Profumo NOUN was sent to me for this fragrance review. The views and opinions for NOUN are all my own. If you're curious to try Bogue Profumo NOUN, please obtain samples or decants prior to committing to full bottles. What I like you might not like and vice versa so I cannot guarantee you will react the same way I have reacted to this fragrance as I have in this video. Thank you.

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