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Presentation Matters - Car Vlog #1

Presenting yourself properly when going to a place of business

MojoGrip: Car Videos | Business Advice | Entrepreneurs | Aviation | Rider | Auto Reviews | Auto Reviews

The Mojogrip channel features a diverse set of videos designed to assist others in getting their “mojo” back. Videos for entrepreneurship, car and bike enthusiasts are available, providing a play-by-play instruction manual for certain things, in addition to a personal look into the life of the owner Mike.

Videos include Wrecked my Yahama Stryker This video talks about crashing this particular motorcycle, and how it will be rebuilt to be better than new. For the business-minded people, there are a number of videos:
• Presentation matters -
• Why you should love your job -

Mike is also an airline enthusiast and pilot, so there are a number of aviation and aircraft-related videos such as:
• How to fly an airplane -
• First Night Flight in Diamond DA40 -
• Pre-Flight Checklist -
• Learning Steep Turns in the Diamondstar -

These airplane videos are designed to give the standard viewer an idea of what occurs when flying a small, single engine aircraf. This can be ideal for those who are considering becoming a pilot or pursuing their pilot’s license.

For those who don’t know how to drive a stick shift or manual car, there is a video demonstrating how to do the basics in a 2015 Fiat Abarth here This is a very detailed video, outlining the different areas of concern, such as the clutch and the gear. It demonstrates in detail how to maneuver this car to get from point A to point B, using the stick shift and when the car should be moved into the different gears.
There are also random videos for viewing pleasure, such as:
• It’s the simple things in life we forget -
• Why you shouldn’t be a realist -

The Mojogrip channel is perfect for those who are attempting to learn how to fly an airplane, drive a stick shift, need advice for the business world, or just an outlet where they can relax, unwind and stray away from the everyday noise of the world.

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