Narnia Trail in Rostrevor - Kilbroney Forest Park - NI

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We had great fun following the Narnia Trail in Kilbroney Forest Park - Rostrevor is one of our favourite towns - with its views of mountains, forests and waterways... No wonder it was an inspiration for CS Lewis as well. We recorded this in 360 degree video. The impression Mourne mountains and the Kilbroney Park are some of the picks to check out in this part of County Down (

The Chronicles of Narnia happens to be a series of seven fantasy novels written by C. S. Lewis who is a British novelist, poet, academic, medievalist, literary critic, essayist, lay theologian, broadcaster, lecturer, and Christian apologist; all these different professions gave this man a great attention to the stories and novels he have written and which The Chronicles of Narnia is considered one of the most famous (

Being one of his best work, The Chronicles of Narnia has been sold in over than 100 copies which were printed in 47 languages. This novel is a classic children literature and it has been taken and used in television, film, stage, and radio; which all prove how much this novel and work of C. S. Lewis was considered successful to a great extent.

In The Chronicles of Narnia, the stories are based on a magic world of fantasy, talking animals, and mythical beasts, which was not only considered effective for children, but it has also influenced the adults.

In appreciation to his work and due to the amount of love carried for The Chronicles of Narnia, there are actually different things done as some kind of memorial, such as the Narnia trail in Rostrevor, as well as the CS Lewis Square in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and which is all dedicated to his work (

The Narnia trail found in Kilbroney forest park in Rostrevor is a reflection for the amount of love carried for CS Lewis in Northern Ireland along with his novels and stories. In this park, one will enter as if he/she is coming into a magical world, through a wardrobe which will then lead the visitor to different interpretive stations with themes, like "The Tree People", "The Beavers' House", "The Citadels", and many other different things.

In this forest park, Kilbroney, there are different stories and myths brought into the place and which are generally related to the special area of the Mournes.

Even though the place is mainly visited for holding this trail inside, it is still considered a park which both adults and children will enjoy walking through, especially for finding The Chronicles of Narnia which people from different age groups enjoy coming to and following up with this trail.

If you are in the Rostrevor area or will be visiting sometime soon, one of the plans which you will have to write in your list should be visiting the Kilbroney forest park and enjoy the Narnia trail that has been set there; try to imagine yourself walking through one of the most famous novel series that is found out there (

We enjoyed our times in the park to a great extent and while we were trying to bring this all to you, we decided that a 360 degree video would be considered the most helpful because it will give you the chance to feel as if you are the one visiting the park and walking through it - we made it easier for you, but you should still manage to come and visit it in the nearest future.

Since we are referring to the beautiful walk which one will manage to have in Kilbroney forest park and manage to follow the Narnia trail, it is important to mention some other place in Northern Ireland that happens to be related to C.S. Lewis as well and which is the square done as a memorial for him in Belfast city.

CS Lewis Square in Belfast carries seven bronze sculptures related to this novelist work, from "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" and which include Aslan, The White Witch, Tumnus, The Beavers, and The Robin and the Stone Table; this square has been turned into an art place which one will walk impressed by what the eye is viewing.

The best thing about both those places related to the famous novelist CS Lewis - CS Lewis square and the Narnia Trail - is the fact that both of them are open all day long to welcome those wanting to come across and they are also more of public places which one will come across and visit without having to pay any money in the process. The CS Lewis square is even lit 24 hours of the day to give those visiting at night the chance to see everything and enjoy what they are coming across.

Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland (, has lots of other interesting places that one could visit, such as the Gruffalo Trail in Colin Glen Forest Park ( as well as the Sandy Row in Belfast which is well visited by the walking tours of Belfast (

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