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The continued excitement about Star Wars got us thinking about the classic spoof movie Spaceballs and that got us thinking about a great sci-fi satire that you probably haven’t seen, Sleeper! SUBSCRIBE:

Both films fall into the sic-fi comedy genre and both use comedy stylings of bygone eras. While Spaceballs is a straight spoof of Star Wars with references to consumerism and other aspects of society, Sleeper is a social commentary told in a way that doesn’t directly call out the audience for issues that could someday lead to a society that barely functions.

In Woody Allen’s 1973 satire, Sleeper, a health food store owner is cryogenically frozen and thawed out 200 years later where he awakes to an incompetently run dystopia. We follow him on his adventures in this strange future where he is now stuck.

Have you seen Sleeper? Are you a fan of Spacebars? What do you think are the best sci-fi comedies?

We want to hear from you - Let us know in the comments below!

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Here on Like it/Love it, we’re bringing you the full scoop on one great movie you might love if you liked a different one... no a movie you might like if you loved another... a movie you like to live if you.... ALRIGHT! We're going to recommend some lesser known movies that you might enjoy if you happened to enjoy something that made a big public splash. There it is.

It’s hard work, keeping up with all the great movies that are on everyone’s must-see lists. You know there are dozens (or hundreds) of flicks that might be considered “best of all time” by someone and so many great ones that you may not have heard of. So put on your cinephile britches and prepare to get recommended!

CineFix is here to help you out! We’ll be breaking down the classics old and new, letting you know what’s really essential and why. We’ll cover the great genre movies, the films that shaped a generation, and the movies that changed the face of the entertainment industry. As well as movies that are just plain awesome.

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