7 Year Old Speaks 5 Languages! (Shocks Friend)

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** NOTE ** In the video, the variety of sign language that Yuki is using was incorrectly labelled as ASL (American Sign Language). In fact, the variety Yuki has learned, and used in the video, was Spanish Sign Language, or Lengua de Signos Española (LSE). Unfortunately, it's not possible to edit the video, but I'd like to apologise for any confusion or offence caused by the mis-labelling! I live and learn.

Meet my friend Yukine, who is 7 years old and speaks 5 languages.

In this short interview, we speak: English, Japanese, German, Spanish and Sign Language.

It's incredible how young children seem to be able to pick up new languages so easily. I think Yukine is going to learn a lot of languages over the years to come!

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