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Hey Guys! I am back again with another Mix!
This one is a special Thanks for following my channels and supporting me!! Also for 40K Plus Subscribers! I was going to upload it early, but due to some difficulties couldn't !!

I hope you guys enjoy the mix! LOVE YOU ALL!
There will be more mixes coming, please keep supporting me. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!
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◄ Track List ►
Claudie Mackula - Don't Let go
Christian Baczyk - Illuminate
Axl Rosenberg - Aitherios
Elias Nilsson - A Way of Life
Danny Rayel - Dreaming of Love
J.T. Peterson - Solaris
Kári Sigurðsson - Alive
MythFox - Rebirth
Onur Tarcin - The Memory Remains
Danny Rayel - Infinity
Claudie Mackula - Secret River
Jurrivh - Left Behind
Ralpi - The Last Battle
Onur Tarcin - Endless
Stephan Ulrich - The War is Over
Claudie Mackula - A Mermain's Desire
Danny Rayel - Hold On To Me
Elias Nilsson - Heart of the Sea
J. T. Peterson - Wind Of Freedom
Seysey - Dust of Time
Anthony Greninger - Setting Sun
The Last Era - Tears
Danny Rayel - White Angels
Gustaf Siden - Aethereus
Robert Taylor - Passionate Embrace
Anthony Greninger - Dreamer
Claudie Mackula - Keepers of a Dream
Elias Nilsson - Beyond
Deniz Inan Music - Maybe You
J.T. Peterson - Glow
Claudie Mackula - Small things
Danny Rayel - I Miss You
Magnus H. Tellmann - Lacrimae Rerum
Elias Nilsson - Approaching a Dragon
Claudie Mackula - A Life Story
Danny Rayel - Civilization is Over
Claudie Mackula & Nights Amore - Dissonant Heartbeats
Anthony Greninger - Morning Mist
Andrew Haym & Simbi J - Beyond the Stars
Claudie Mackula - Raindrops of Life
Elias Nilsson - A New Day Will Come
Claudie Mackula - Finding Your Voice
Haimin - Mistakes
Elias Nilsson - A Long Trip
Floyd Moore - Our Destiny
MythFox - Time To Come
Claudie Mackula - The Voices Inside of Us
Maxim Wind - Beyond Our Hearts
Kari Sigurdsson - Starlight
Elias Nilsson - Summer Dreams
Danny Rayel - The Poetry of Your Heart
Daniel Beijbom - Dreamers
Claudie Mackula - Release Me
Deniz Inan Music - About A Friend
Robert Taylo - Nordic Sunrise
StormSound - Beyond
Patrick Digby - To New Lands
Claudie Mackula - Once Upon a Dream
Ylmir - Leaving
Elias Nilsson - Moonlight Violin
Emil J. Hobinger - Discourage
Claudie Mackula - Call Of The Sea
The Slanted Room - Ancient Dream
Phantasmal Music - The Whispering Glade
Claudie Mackula - Hope
Elias Nilsson - Gone Too Soon
Danny Rayel - Blossoming Heart
Tobias Alexander Ratka - Bittersweet Forever
The Last Era - Souls
Mayrain - The Sacrifice
Evgeny Emelyanov - Sorrow
Elias Nilsson - Take my hand feat. Claudie Mackula

Image link - All the images used are in the below link as Zip.

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