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Tower of Terror Last Ride | Al Dente Creepypasta 03

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We visit California Adventure to ride Tower of Terror one last time before it closes for good, and discover the horrifying truth about the ride.

If you thought you could handle Late Night Check-Out, just wait... The Tower of Terror Last Ride is the most disturbing trip to Hollywood Tower Hotel yet!

In this episode of Al Dente Creepypasta, you'll hear about the last ride ever taken on The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror at Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim. This could be the darkest, creepiest haunted ride creepypasta story you'll ever listen to. You'll uncover secrets about the ride's past, hidden areas that Disney doesn't want you to know about and a chilling conclusion that will make you question everything you know about Disney...

The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror was abandoned by Disney to make way for Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout on January 2, 2017.

This episode featured an original score by OST Maker, royalty-free contributions from Robert Austin and Myuuji, and public domain music from Bunny Berigan and Vera Lynn.

🎶 OST Maker:
🎶 Robert Austin:
🎶 Myuuji:
🎶 I Can't Get Started| Bunny Berigan | Public Domain
🎶 We'll Meet Again | Vera Lynn | Public Domain

Al Dente Creepypasta: horror stories cooked to perfection with a splash of red sauce. Al Dente Creepypasta is a series of original, scary creepypasta stories; narrated and delivered with high quality sound effects and music. You won't find these stories anywhere else and you won't find better production value on YouTube.

Feel free to put these stories on in the background or listen to them as you fall asleep... if you dare.

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