★50 Mins★ Fire Element - Chinese Feng Shui Music (Increasing Happiness and Prosperity)

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Increasing happiness and prosperity by adjusting the energy of your living space with appropriate music

Feng Shui literally means wind and water, and it represents the understanding of energy flow in our environment and how it affects people. Good Feng Shui creates a comfortable and cozy living environment, which results in good fortune. This series of music is composed based on the Chinese philosophy of five elements, including Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, which date back to
many thousand years ago. The five elements correspond to five pentatonic scales such as the Chueh, Jyy, Kung, Shang and Yu Tones in traditional Chinese music. Music carries vibrant frequencies that can resonate with the subtle energy in a space. Appropriate music enhances energy flow and helps to create a positive atmosphere uniquely for the inhabitants. This series of five-element music is suitable for playing in any environment for the listeners’ personal pleasure. It is recommended that the music be played in the following sequence: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Once the electromagnetic energy flows harmoniously within a space, one’s personal spirit will be transformed, which will result in better moods, emotions, and over time, better health and fortune.

“Fire” element represents the south in the Cardinal Directions. The associated color is “red”, and the symbolic animal archetype is the phoenix. Fire energy is associated with the characteristics of warmth, strength, power, and determination, as well as passion. This music is recommended to be played in residences that have any of the following situations: (1) that sit on the direction of south and face north, (2) which are located in a humid area, (3) which have a front door that opens to electric poles, or, (4) which are stifled with stagnant air circulation. Likewise, Fire element is also an excellent music of choice for business offices that have similar environmental drawbacks. Fire energy corresponds to the Jyy tone in Chinese music. The representational musical instruments are plucked string and percussion instruments. The musical style is rhythmic and lively, which transmits vibrations to strengthen one’s inner resilience and inspire joyful feelings, just like the light and power of fire. This frequency also benefits blood circulation, creates a loving atmosphere in a home, and helps to reach career goals. Additionally, in Chinese medicine, Fire energy and the Jyy tone relate to the heart in the human body. Listening to the Jyy tone can nurture the heart’s ability to function properly, improve mental health, and soothe the emotion of over-excitement.

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Tracklist (You can download on iTunes) :
1. Phoenix, Pt. 2 / Wang Jian-Min 00:00-24:49
2. Fire, Pt. I / Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra 23:50-49:10
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