7 Triadic Upper Structures On Dominant Chords Every Musician Should Know

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Have you ever wondered about ways to make your dominant chords sound more full and interesting? Are you stuck playing the same chords and want to break out of that box? Are you looking for a simple method to quickly change how you play dominant chords? Well in this lesson, we cover a simple concept, that will completely revolutionize your approach on dominant chords!

Here is the link to the sheet music that also give you access to the 20-minute bonus video:


Here is the link to the Practice Tracks that were used in the 20-minute bonus footage:


Please use the timestamps below to access specific endings as the video is a longer one.

#0 - Upper Structure Primer - 2:20
#1 - 6 minor Upper Structure - 5:26
#2 - b2 minor Upper Structure - 10:13
#3 - #4 minor Upper Structure - 14:45
#4 - 2 major Upper Structure - 19:54
#5 - #4 major Upper Structure - 22:45
#6 - b6 major Upper Structure - 25:10
#7 - 1, 3, #5 augmented Upper Structure - 27:12
#8 - Upper Structure Applications - 30:06
Outro - 38:15

Music Notation Software
We utilize a software program called Chordie by a guy on YouTube named Matkat Music. Here are my affiliate links to the software in case you want to purchase it:
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(For Mac) https://gumroad.com/a/612676723/lmSkV

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