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unedited raw video. Should I buy the rights, finish the track, and do a real recording? Props to Jace Beats - The Justice is Falling Down
Ive been lied to, so Im dyin' to find the truth
follow the loot, to prove who's turnin' the screws
Im a seasoned sleuth, search the scene for clues
and whos confusin' fools with how they're feedin' ya news
while there's more and more whores paid for by the corps
They just strippers on stage not the ones on the floor
always askin for more, make you think you gonna score
put you in the hole then they leave you out in the cold
cuz yo. Its all just a game they playin
history replayin the same show they stagin
great expectations so ya out ya faith in
but ya give ya money they going all in and failin
ha just some puppets and actors
just some pawns in this game searchin for wealth and stature
especially interested in the wishes of their masters
inefficient bastards and we gotta see past 'em

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