"Mind Trap" Original Composition (Cinematic, Dark, Epic) Royalty Free Music

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FREE DOWNLOAD: https://soundcloud.com/95turbosol/95turbosol-mind-trap

(Alternate instrumental only version: https://soundcloud.com/95turbosol/95turbosol-mind-trap-instrumental-version )

I wrote this as a prelude to "forest of the mind". Anyone else have recurring dreams of tornado's, or malfunctioning elevators that rise and drop when you have anxiety? I thought it was just me but I looked it up and apparently thousands of people have the exact same dreams.

Use Policy: This song can be used in any youtube videos, even ones monitized by ads! All I require is that you give credit to me in the description box with a link to my channel.

Exclusion 1: If you want to use it in TV, Radio or in a for profit film just contact me and we can work out a small price, I am very reasonable and in some cases may not even charge anything.

Exclusion 2: The song can't be uploaded by itself (IE you can't just upload the music to pull ad revenue off it, it has to be used in actual videos)

Hardware And Software:
Line 6 KB37
FL Studio 11 Producer Edition
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold
EWQL QL Spaces (True Stereo Reverb)

Some of the awesome video clips, check them out it's a great channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/tradgedyandhope

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