HAVASI — Spring Wind | Cultural Bridge Symphony (Official Video)

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Music is a bridge between cultures and worlds. A form of communication which can bring us closer to each other. It doesn't matter if we were born in different continents, we speak the same language deep in our hearts - the language of music.


The spring wind blows the waters,
my flower, my flower.

Every bird searches for a partner,
my flower, my flower.

And I whom should I choose,
my flower, my flower?

I choose you, and you choose me,
my flower, my flower.

(In Hungarian 'my flower' is often used as a diminutive to convey intimacy and endearment. We would refer to our loved ones as 'my flower' in a similar fashion as 'my honey' is used in English. In the beautiful folk song the expression 'my flower' is especially nice as it refers to a loved person while it also pictures the awakening of nature at the same time.)

The original Hungarian lyrics:

Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt,
virágom, virágom.

Minden madár társat választ,
virágom, virágom.

Hát én immár kit válasszak,
virágom, virágom?

Te engemet s én tégedet,
virágom virágom.


Composed and performed by: HAVASI

Dohnanyi Symphony Orchestra Budafok
Arranged and conducted by Peter Pejtsik

Producer and Creative Director: Csaba Marjai
Film Director: Laszlo Krisko
D.O.P.: Zoltan Csincsi
Sound Engineer: Gabor Juhos
Music Production Director: Miklos Lukacs

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