Ordinance - 23 Wounds (Lyric Video)

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"23 Wounds" from the sophomore album 'The Ides Of March' by ORDINANCE. Out worldwide 2/26/16.

Preorder the album here. http://ordinanceofficial.bandcamp.com

A word from the band -

Ordinance is a Maryland-based progressive death metal studio project comprised of vocalist Mike Semesky (ex-Intervals/The HAARP Machine, Raunchy, Rest Among Ruins), drummer Alex Rudinger, (Good Tiger, Conquering Dystopia), guitarist Greg Macklin (ex-Jeff Loomis/System Divide), and guitarist Gunter Ostendorp. Founded by Rudinger and Macklin in early 2009, the band evolved over the next 12 months, bringing on Ostendorp later in 2009, and then Semesky in 2010. After the release of their debut album ‘Internal Monologues’ in July 2011, the band has since remained a studio-based passion project for the quartet of Maryland natives, with the writing and production for the second release based around each members’ touring, studio, and travel obligations to their respective career bands. The sophomore album entitled 'The Ides Of March' is now ready for an early 2016 release. Mixed and mastered by Eduardo Apolonia (The HAARP Machine, The Safety Fire), TIOM is a fifteen chapter concept album inspired by the events and conspiracy leading up to Julius Caesar's assassination on March 15th 44BC. Each narrative is written from the perspectives of the key members of the Liberatores (the conspirators involved in the assassination plot), as well as Marc Antony, Julius Caesar, Calpurnia, and Octavian. 'The Ides Of March' will be released on February 26th, 2016.

All rights belong to ORDINANCE
Written & recorded by ORDINANCE
Mixing/Mastering done by Eduardo Apolonia
Lyric Video by Sean Curry

Ordinance is...

Mike Semesky
Greg Macklin
Gunter Ostendrop
Alex Rudinger

Thanks for watching & stayed tuned!

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