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25 Heroes And Villains You Didn't Know Were Related

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Family means everything in many people’s worlds, including the world of comic books. For superheroes, some of the biggest foes they have come across have been their own family members, often seeking revenge for times they were done wrong. Let’s dive deep into the world of Marvel and DC Comics as we uncover 25 heroes who are related to villains.

In the MCU, we see glimpses of some of these relations. Thanos killed his own daughter Gamora in Infinity War, but he also has a brother lurking out there in the Marvel universe. Batman has raised heroes like Dick Grayson as children of his own, but Damian Wayne has also battled against his father in recent years and is a descendant of Ra’s al Ghul. Wonder Woman is the daughter of Zeus, but the connection also makes her the half-sister of the evil villain known as Ares. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are both siblings who happen to be the children of Magneto. Plenty of other X-Men have evil relatives, including Wolverine and Mystique’s child named Raze. Vision may be a robot, but his and Ultron’s technology was used to make Victor, a character who is technically Vision’s brother. The Hulk and Red Hulk have a connection that already causes tension without the need to involve any gamma radiation. Cable may be battling Deadpool in the hero’s sequel, but he is actually the son of a famous X-Men who has happened to just drop-in from the future. Watch to see all these family connections from your favorite superhero comics and movies!

Source article by: Sergio Solorzano
Link: https://www.thegamer.com/super-families-superheroes-villains-related-triva/#leave-comment

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