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Capture - Faith

Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Diego Soria
@audiozombies Recording Studio:


Once again i see how blinded you are by faith
places filled with hypocricy, following and unexistent ligth.
Years of waiting, for an answer, living on your knees to keep moving foward.

I know its hard to comprehend but we all walk towards that dead end, so i refuse to worship that cross of lies.
The one that promised to comeback to give us joy, when the only thing that gave us was a blindfold

Will you live the rest of your days for someone else?
Will you depend on that cross to acomplish what you dreamed of?

It´s not about faith, but about determination, all i want to say your false existence has made me realized that im not one of the lambs.
i want to be different and erradicate all customs.
That is the best possible answer to better this miserable existence.

I won´t kneel before you...
I won´t kneel before that cross that gave us freewill for selfdestruction of ignorance and blind faith.
I won´t kneel before you.
I won´t kneel before you....

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