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खूप मधुर काळजाला भिडणारी टॉप १० गणेश भक्तिगीते | TOP 10 GA GANPATICHA

Singers - Shubhangi Joshi, Mahesh Hiremath, Sangeeta Kulkarni, Prakash Shukla,etc
Label - Ahuja Music

01.Jhul Jhul Vahe - 00:00
02.Rachilya Rushi Muni - 02:20
03.Ashi Chik Motyachi Mal - 05:44
04.Sanaicha Sur Kasa - 11:24
05.De Na Modak Mala - 15:42
06.Ganapati Raya Padate - 21:22
07.Jai Jai He Omkara - 26:08
08.Sukhachi Shidori - 29:41
09.He Shankarachya Suta - 32:48
10.Sukhkarta Dukhharta - 39:17

Welcome to Bhakti World channel, one of the finest destinations for exclusive Devotional content on YouTube.

This is the destination for the best of Hindu devotional tracks. Find a wide selection of Lord Shiva, Krishna, Ganesha music and many more. Listen to these peaceful tunes and go into a soothing trance of melody Faith, Religion, Devotion what we need to or want to follow regularly our Devotional channel caters to this very essential need of all. Bhakti World has a vast collection of Various Bhajans,Shloks,Tantras,Chalisas ,Live Aarti ,Devotional Songs which feel you to go beyond devotions. It is the central relationship between the Divine and Devotee. So find your spiritual path only with our channel and we would take you on a Bhakti Marga of spirituality and Peace. So, surrender yourself to god only with Bhakti World.
तुमच्याकडे Audio किंवा Video असेल तर तुम्ही आम्हाला पाठवू शकता
या ईमेल आयडीवर [email protected] आम्ही त्याला Youtube वर प्रकाशित करू ..

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