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This 30 minute power nap features Isochronic tones and binaural beats. The music will help you quickly relax and fall into a restorative and regenerative short sleep. Alarm tones will help you awaken at the conclusion of the track. Wake up feeling reenergized and ready to continue on with the rest of your day!

Some famous afternoon/power nappers include: Albert Einstein, Salvador Dali, Aristotle, Morgan Freeman, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Thomas Edison, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Benjamin Franklin.

To be super productive these days in your chosen field it's important to use your time wisely. Adding an afternoon/power nap to your daily routine can literally double your output! Giving you the energy to work longer into the evening with sustained concentration and enthusiasm. Putting in a few extra hours effort into chasing your dreams will seperate you from the rest of the pack!

*At the end of the track, gentle alarm bells and Isochronic tones will prompt you to wake up, however, if you have an important appointment we recommend you also set your own alarm just to be safe :-)

*This track is best listened to via headphones or on a good sound system at a low volume. Generally, laptop speakers will not pick up the full spectrum of frequencies, but you will still find benefit. Using an eye mask/pillow can also enhance the experience :-)

*This track can also be used for meditation.

*Do not listen to while driving or operating heavy machinery.

We hope you enjoy! Let us know how you go!

We also have a 20 minute power nap if you are tight for time :-)


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For more information on the benefits of power naps visit:



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