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The Poni-Tails - It's Just My Luck To Be Fifteen (1957)

Another wistful, delicate, and beautiful song by the Poni-Tails. This is one of my favorites, and also the single released just before the legendary "Born Too Late". Did not chart nationally in Billboard, but charted locally in the Top 50 in Toronto, Canada in September 1957. Original Billboard review: "A plaintive ballad, slow in tempo, and with an attractive melody line. Lyric of course is in the teen groove." Released in July 1957.

In September 1957, Kathy Linden released her own version of the song, also before she had her first hit, "Billy". I've posted her version as well.

Orchestra directed by Don Costa.

Written by Johnny Cowell.

B-side is "Wild Eyes and Tender Lips" which I've also posted.

Note that their name is spelled incorrectly on the EP cover.

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