Geno Jordan & Velvet Touch - Hold On To Your Stuff '1980 Rare Modern Soul Boogie 45

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Geno Jordan & Velvet Touch - Hold On To Your Stuff
Velvetone Records # WEJ-0001, released in 1980.
Unknown modern soul boogie choone from Atlanta! When i played it at home while making the rip from 45, my little baby daughter, whom just 1 year and 5 months old began to dance and sing "Aha aha, aha aha"!)) It was so funny and cute, so i played it 4 times in a row! Potential dancefloor destroyer, children know what is the right grooves!:) Vinyl rip from musicdawn 45s record collection.

Hold on to your stuff, until you get enough!

Hear a-side "Geno Jordan & Velvet Touch - Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy":

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