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Blind Man Social Experiment in Hyderabad | Asking for Rs.50 Change | Raja The Great | FunPataka

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Blind Man Social Experiment with "Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja's Raja The Great" Movie Theme - Asking for Rs.50 Change by FunPataka.


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We do comedy pranks in telugu. You can watch funny telugu pranks in our channel. Till now all our pranks were shot in Hyderabad. FunPataka is consistent Hyderabad pranks channel.

There are so many videos in youtube about "Blind Man Social Experiment in India". For this video, we inspired from "The Hungama Films" Youtube channel and did it in our own way.

Aslo we used "Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja's Raja The Great" movie theme in this video. "Raja the Great" is newly released telugu movie about a blind man.

This Video is a tribute to our favourite star Mass Maharaja Raviteja

We as RaviTeja fans dedicate this video to him.

This is the first video in telugu about blind man social experiment 2017.

"Raja the Great Movie Spoof"

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FunPataka Team:
Camera: kiran goud
Editing and Actor: a.r.manohar

Please watch: "SCRIPTED Prank | FunPataka"

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