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13) Toe-In & Toe-Out || Steering Geometry || Wheel Alignment || Hindi

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Caster angle - https://youtu.be/mRp3jxpAgV8
Camber angle - https://youtu.be/qvmzWtvRte8
Type of Clutches - https://youtu.be/5Gr6z55GtO0
Master Cylinder - https://youtu.be/4foA0hqdxy0
Below the car Bonnet - https://youtu.be/XgBokJgHO3U
Disc Brake Set-up - https://youtu.be/ZbLMQBVmhas
Disc Brake Working- https://youtu.be/2ypEZDK10L8
Drum Brake Working - https://youtu.be/2JLxRf2cLG0
Drum Brake Set-up - https://youtu.be/ltzHjU63Z60
In the last videos, I've discussed about Disc Brake Working, types of disc brake, disc brake setup, drum brake work, drum brake rebuilding, master cylinder , Brake booster, inside the car bonnet, Camber angle (steering geometry), Caster angle with types, how to read the tyre number which is also known as tyre identification number or tyre specifications.
Actually, it's a number that is written on tyre and it helps us to understand the dimensions of tyres.
Also, I've discussed about different types of Clutches.
Some of them are :-
Dog clutch or positive clutches, friction clutches like cone clutch, single plate clutch, multi plate clutch, diaphragm clutch, Hydraulic clutch, automatic clutch, manual clutch, centrifugal clutch etc.
In this video, I've explained the steering geometry.
The main thing which I've discussed is Toe in and Toe out which is also known as Toe. It is also known as tracking.
Toe in is generally termed as positive toe while toe out is generally termed as negative toe.
I've also discussed the advantages of positive and negative toe.
The language used for Explanation is Hindi/Urdu but the presentation is made in English language.

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