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“Old Kanye” VS “New Kanye” w/ Rhymefest | Rate The Bars

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Rate The Bars is back! This time Rhymefest rates Kanye West, G Herbo, Lupe & more on their rhymes! He also details the exact moment (and lyric) that sent him over the edge with Kanye West.

Rate The Bars in the show where your favorite rappers unknowingly judge your favorite rapper's lyrics. Ratings go from 1 Bar to 5 Bars. How do you Rate the Bars?

Joe Budden Has Thoughts About These Drake Lyrics | Rate The Bars - https://youtu.be/stScyaWwoHw

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Lord Jamar on Eminem’s “Killshot” over Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil" + Joyner | Rate The Bars - https://youtu.be/ODl1BCwBglI

Bun B Goes "Sicko Mode" on Travis Scott + Pimp C, Kevin Gates, Slim Thug, Boonk Gang | Rate The Bars - https://youtu.be/SxpBeL8f5k8

Nipsey Hussle Compares Belly To Einstein | Rate The Bars - https://youtu.be/RHbGr56ijL0

“Old Kanye” VS “New Kanye” w/ Rhymefest | Rate The Bars - https://youtu.be/xSvRQYK_T7Q

Vic Mensa Gave J. Cole A 5 For This Bar, But Still Had One Small Issue… | Rate The Bars - https://youtu.be/w_wtoF7BQ-g

Raekwon Goes In On These Vince Staples Bars | Rate The Bars - https://youtu.be/azw6GXQETn0

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