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Update: my analysis Update to add link my analysis:

This video has been superseded by:
Before reading on, take note of one key error and another clarification. The summit of Lyon's Peak is actually 3740 ft and not the value captioned in the video. Also, the viewing elevation does not include the 5' of tripod height, so figure 370 ft vice 365 ft.

I believe you can detect from this image that the earth's surface curves away; but rather than just lecture and show why/how I think that is possible, I thought it might be interesting and less biasing if I just presented the observation first and give viewers a chance to work it out. Then we can see how our answers compare. I'd especially like to encourage those who believe we live on a flat earth to perform this analysis and provide a counterpoint to my anticipated assessment.

You may use this video imagery or stills from this video in any way you like. Feel free to reuse in your own video.

This was taken on a day with some hazy visibility using a Canon Powershot SX50 HS, no filter. Its from Cabrillo Point at the end of Point Loma, looking across the entrance to the San Diego harbor toward Coronado, San Diego Naval Station and south county San Diego beyond.

I'll include a link to the location, but I'll leave the rest to you to use the resources of your choice for location, topology, height data, etc.

Camera Location: Observation deck at Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego
The viewing elevation in the video annotation is from Google Earth and doesn't include the height of the tripod, which was 5 ft.

Nearer Summit: San Miguel Mountain
Distant Summit: Lyons Peak

Video Date: March 5th, 2019

Of interest: band of haze seen is all too common, caused by a typical thermal inversion often around 1000-2000 ft MSL that acts like a cap, slowing or prevents warm surface air from rising. Develops a stable air mass that holds particulates close to the surface.

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